The Amazing World of Silicone Babies and Reborn

We are a family owned company specializing in the creation of reborn silicon dolls from start to finish.  You can view some of our kits, supplies, and reborn tutorials here.

For those of you who are looking to adopt your first reborn to doll there has never been a time.  The reborn community is getting bigger every year and there are so many resources available.  Combined with the interenet it is possible to browse hundreds of reborn children from across the entire nation; a little time is all you need to find the perfect silicone baby for you.

What is a Sillicone baby

The unitiated new comers often refer to lifelike dolls as silicone babies or silicone vinyl dolls.  Other popuar names include reborn baby or a newborn doll.

Unlike regular dolls made in factorys, gorgeous and lifelike reborn babies take hundreds of hours to completely craft.  They are made of a combination of both silicone and and vinyl which is where the term silicone baby comes from.  The silicone mold and parts are then painstakenly painted by talented artists known as reborners.  Some babies take up to 40 layers of paint to be completed! After painting all the other details are added such as hair, eyes, and accessories.

Benefits of Having a Reborn

There are so many mental, social and health benefits that come with having your own lifelike silicone baby.  Basically any benefits of having a real child are had through a reborn:

  • Cuddle Therapy
  • Beneficials Hormones released when holding your baby
  • Way to remember a lost child
  • Practice for young girls
  • Meetng Social Needs
  • Being a part of the strong reborn community

Holding and Cuddeling

Holding your reborn for the first time feels amazing, the same way you might feel when holding a real baby.  On a well made reborn the silicone skin is gently heated from inside and feels identical to a real child.

Studies have shown that when reborn mothers hold their children they experience a release of feel-good chemicals and hormones such as Oxytocin.  The result is a relaxing and calming feeling that lowers stress and blood pressure. Expect to become very attached and loving with any reborns you come to care for.

Remembering A Lost Child

I can’t imagine how painful and difficult it would be to recover from the loss of an infant.  While a silicone baby is never going to completely replace a lost loved one it can help with easing the pain.  In addition to therapy and family support physicians at New York Presbyterian Hospital recommend silicone baby dolls to mothers who lose their children.

The celebrity Courtney Stodden suffered a still-born death of her child.  Through counseling and a reborn she has been able to ease through the grieving process.

Socializing With Your Reborn

Anything you can do with a real baby you can do with a lifelike silicone doll.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Washing hair and taking bathes
  • Going for walks and playing in the park
  • Go shopping together at the store for clothes or general errands
  • Dessing up for the day
  • Feeding and using other accessories

In addition there are often reborn communities and get togethers in larger cities.  Using sites like meetup you can find other reborners are have fun little get togethers for sharing stories and talking about new reborns.

Other Uses of Lifelike Silicone Dolls

A silicone baby is so lifelike that it is used in various institutions and by other collecting communities.

For Doll Collectors

People and kids who enjoy collecting dolls are also very engaged in the adoption and purchasing of many reborns.  Some silicone baby dolls can cost up to $1000 and are therefore seen as the best quality dolls in the world to picky collectors.

They also make great presents for younger girls who enjoy playing with dolls. The lifelike features, breathing, and feeding in sophisticated silicone babies can give these girls good preparation and practice for being mothers some day.

At Universities

Many colleges and universities offer courses and degrees in child care and parenting.  An important part of passing these classes includes a project where one needs to care for several dolls while keeping track of activities and duties performed over many weeks.  At first these schools used electric dolls but they found the students performed poorly because there was no real attachment.  Recently the child care program at the University of Minnesota experimented using reborns in the coursework and found a massive increase in test scores and engagement.  “Some students became so attached they wanted to keep their individual reborns after passing the course” one professor reported when interviewed by the StarTribune paper.

Manufacturing and Fabrication of Full body Silicone babies